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Metroplex Expo Center

1620 Motor Inn Drive
Girard, Ohio 44420

Sundays from 9am-3pm

$6 Admission

Children 10 & under FREE

2024 DATES
February 11th
April 14th
June 9th
August 11th
October 13th
December 8th​


Now With over 100 tables of reptiles and more !! You wont want to miss out!

Dear Vendors,

As this show continues to grow, there is something we need to address to make sure everyone’s on the same page. As you know, we do NOT make our vendors pre-pay for their table(s), however, if a vendor needs to cancel within 48 hours of the show, they will be required to pay for their table(s) for that show, as well as pre-pay for the next show they wish to vend. This has always been our policy but now with the number of vendors we turn away for not having enough space, we must enforce it more than before.

At a previous show (Oct 9th 2022), we had turned away 6 paying vendors who wanted a combined total of 10 tables, and then on the morning of the show we had 4 last minute cancellations, which left us with 6 unused tables for the show. As show promoters, we do our best to accommodate any and every vendor who wishes to attend. This year we have filled up the venue to capacity at every single show (before cancellations) and had to turn away vendors- which usually leaves empty tables during the show. With our new expansion to increase our venue by an additional 800sf in order to accommodate the number of vendors who wish to vend this show. It may not be common knowledge, but we are currently paying $1200 per show for the venue. Any empty table or mass-unoccupied space DOES NOT look good for any trade show; plus, it will cost the show money by not filling every available space. Please understand that we are working hard to do our best to give our patrons a great experience, plus accommodate all of our vendors and give them the opportunity to vend each show. Last minute cancellations not only make the show look less full but those tables also could’ve gone to a paying vendor who would’ve loved to be there.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter, we will keep you all updated as what to expect at all of our shows.


Thank you,

Mike & James

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